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1. Education.creditfair.in is a platform to connect students and tutors and not a coaching institute.

2. Credit Fair only helps a student make an informed decision for themselves. We do not make the decision for the student nor do we endorse any particular institute over others.

3. The information provided on Studysid.com regarding coaching centers, institutes, courses, etc. has been compiled by assimilating data from various educational websites, which are available in the public domain. The details provided are for general information only. We update the data regularly to ensure that the information you receive from our website is accurate. For additional requirements of education-related information displayed on our website, we encourage the student to contact the respective institutes.

4. The Coaching Institutes accept full responsibility for all information published on their website and shall indemnify Credit Fair in relation to any liability incurred by them as a result of any such information.

5. No class can guarantee good grades; therefore, Credit Fair is not liable to refunds over student's unsatisfactory grades.

6. Credit Fair is not involved in any kind of interactions that takes place between the tutors and students and hence is not liable for any dispute or disagreement between the parents/students and the tutors.

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