It is no secret that digital marketing has overpowered the offline landscape. Today in the 21st century technology has become a necessity. Read on for some incredible marketing content, gain immense knowledge about the digital world of marketing and why small businesses should also invest.

To begin with digital marketing, it is the online platform based on digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones etc. to promote products and services. It helps us to reach customers internationally. People increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops and thus employ shops and thus employ combinations of search engine optimization [SEO], content marketing, influencer marketing etc. Understanding the world digitally may help you increase sales by directing people through your website. Creating a presence in the online world may let you reach a large number of audience. Digital marketing through content marketing is a great way to attract an audience's attention. With so many businesses operating online , standing out from the crowd is essential. Let's go back to the world of TV where two way communication was not possible and audiences received advertising messages whether they wanted them or not. These days people can choose and engage in whatever they like and want. This is why digital marketing is so effective and efficient for a person. Imagine you run a cupcakes shop and you want to increase your market. To achieve this you could publish a content about cupcakes on your website blog and also promote it on the company's social media website to increase your readership. It helps you to reach people who are sitting on their couch and craving cupcakes. The use of digital marketing not only allows you to brand your products but also allows for online customer support and receive negative and positive feedback and create dialogues and discussion.

Digital marketing started in 1971 when people first exchanged their documents via machines. In the 2000’s with the increasing use of internet customers started surfing online rather than referring to a sales person. Later on came marketing automation which helped the companies segment customers online through their personal information. Due to the emergence of digital marketing it is easier for the marketers to reach out to customers. One click on the other side of the world can help the marketers reach their potential customers. Through digital marketing strategies various complex things have become easily accessible. Knowing the customer data helps us to segment our customers and target specific markets in both business-to-business and business-to-customer sectors. It is also possible to reach influencers via paid advertising, such as facebook advertising or through different software. It saves our time and helps us to connect with our potential customers.

Various types of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization

It refers to the process of growing online visibility in non paid search results. People use a lot of keywords on the search engine, Google or Bing, and thus the web directs the people to what they want.

  • Search Engine Marketing

SEM covers the ground that SEM ignores that is paid traffic from search engine. The search engine marketer charges a decent amount to display an advertisement on the SERP.

  • Social Media Marketing

It helps you to connect to the customers on various platforms in an informal way and is a great way of understanding and knowing the customers needs and wants and also engaging conversations with them on a personal level.

  • Content Marketing

It refers to the creation and sharing of online material (such as blogs, videos etc.)to stimulate individuals interest in the product and services.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It is the process of paying for conversions that means the affiliate represents your brand on commission basis.

  • Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing usually happens through Instagram , as companies hire people with large followers to promote their brand by posting pictures with the product.

  • Email Marketing

It allows you to inform your customers about the new trends and updates about the company through email. It helps to build brand loyalty.

  • Viral Marketing

It refers to a post of some sort that is trendy, new and funny which is shared by a massive amount of people online. It brings a lot of traffic over a short period of time.

  • Mobile Advertising

This type of marketing usually happens through SMS and receives special offers , updates and coupons.

The above details can help the digital marketers in assisting their business and however you should take the opportunity to invest in the digital economy to achieve your desired goals.

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