Data Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

Updated: May 22, 2020

With technological innovation, businesses are moving online to offer various kinds of products and services. The Internet has made lives easier and has also helped businesses flourish; it has also led to the generation of large amounts of data. The consumption and generation of tons of data has increased the role of a data analyst. Read this article to know all about the career of a data analyst and the roles and responsibilities that come along.

First, let’s understand who is a data analyst?

In simple words, the data analyst is an analytical professional who analyzes a large amount of structured and unstructured data to help businesses improve their operations and gain a competitive edge. Many businesses employ data analysts to clean, manage, and organize their data to derive meaningful conclusions. The data management work helps businesses improve customer service, curate business plans, and understand user activity in a better way. To provide competitive analysis and identify business trends, data analysts use their skills, various tools, and programming languages

Data analyst roles and responsibilities:

  • Collect data and build infrastructure: Collection of the data is an important job of a data analyst. With this, comes the work of storage of the data, which is usually done with the help of a web developer. Data is required by various business teams for which the generation of automated reports from the system is necessary and producing data in a systematic way to other teams is one of the primary responsibilities of the analyst. The data reports generated help the management gain insight into the new trends as well as the areas that the company needs to improve on.

  • Understanding the goals of the business: The role of a data analyst is to understand the business goals and harness data to come up with solutions for the company. For example, an ecommerce website needs more customers to use their portal during Diwali. In this scenario, a data analyst will have to harness the user data of the website and other sources from last year’s Diwali season.

  • Data analysis: One of the primary responsibilities of a data analyst is to analyze the data using their analytical and logical reasoning skills. With large amounts of data in the store, the job can be overwhelming, but the usage of tools and programming helps in doing the right analysis and interpretation of the data. However, data analysts are also required to do explanatory analysts to understand the data well. For example, he will have to analyze the behavior of consumers during Diwali- do they buy offline or online? Do they increasingly buy clothes, books, gifts, food, or household goods? Or do they only buy sweets? What time do they visit the website most? What is the average age of the users visiting the website?

  • Data mining: This process simply means exploration and analysis of the data to discover meaningful patterns and rules; it helps in generating new information and understanding various insights that help understand customer behavior in a better way. The data has to be mined from primary and secondary sources and organizing the same in a format that is easily readable by humans or machines.

  • Identifying trends: Data analysts are required to identify local, national, and global trends as it has a huge impact on their organization and the industry as a whole. They also look for both short-term and long-term trends.

  • Designing and maintaining data systems: The task includes fixing coding errors and solving other data-related issues in the system. Having technical expertise in designing the data model and database design development is imperative to ensure that the data is stored correctly and is available to all the teams. Creating proper documentation on the usage of data systems is also important to help stakeholders to do data analysis.

Average salary of a Data Analyst is between 4 L - 6 L

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