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In the modern era, people have a plethora of options to decide about their careers unlike in the past times, teaching, banking, doctor, etc were the only career goals. Presently companies, firms are growing and are being globally accepted. For this global recognition, they need to meet specific requirements of rules and regulations. And here comes the role of a Company Secretary (CS). Without a CS, any diligent company is incomplete.


A “Company Secretary” as stated as per the Company Secretaries Act, is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Evidently, to gain the membership in ICSI, you have to complete the 3-level CS course provided by the institute. A certified Company Secretary is hired to handle all the corporate legal aspects of a firm. They are experts in corporate governance and play a significant role in legal management. Not only this, but also, they will be proficient to perform secretarial audits for the company.


Company Secretary (CS) career is one such demanding profession which is inevitable that the world is seeking to pursue and will continue to. The existing diligent companies and the upcoming ones are finding CSs to meet the corporate policies and practices so that they are financially and legally acceptable. The expected salary of a Fresher company secretary can be between 25,000 and 40,000. Experienced CS can earn anywhere up to 14 lakhs per annum if they work for larger public limited companies.

As company secretary is a high position in an organization, mainly as a compliance officer, he receives various benefits in his job and also gets enormous job opportunities.


  • Capital Market and Investor Relations

  • Corporate Advisory Services

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures

  • Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance

  • Project Planning


1. Company secretary takes an upper-level position in all the organizational and structural matters including security market, company law, corporate strategies and related cases.

2. Today, CS is one of the most sought-after jobs and in demand as well. As per the Companies Act 2013, every listed company is obligatory to hire a CS as a full-time employer.

3. The significance of a company secretary is every so often felt when there are numerous responsibilities of a company towards any statutory compliance.


  • PROFESSIONAL LIFE AND IMPROVED PERSONALITY: Company Secretary (CS) is a professional course. With the completion of the degree, one gets a job at companies with a professional label. This degree can also be completed along with the graduation and does not require one’s full-time involvement at premises like other degree courses. It also enhances one’s personality way too much.

  • NO STRESS: CS does not have any stress for meeting requirements and deadlines. The administrative work is required to be done but there is no such restriction of time.

  • ADMINISTRATION AND PAPERWORK: There is the wrong mentality that CS deals with a lot of paperwork and they have to spend most of their time on typing papers and hours for documentation purposes. But, in reality, with the advancement in technology, they only deal with software and hardware data which are stored in electronic document format.With the responsive web design, the CS firms’ work becomes easy and it is easier to bring more clients to them.

  • NO AGE CONSTRAINT: There is no such age restriction as anyone can face this competitive environment and fight for the degree achievement. A person with good job experience, attitude, strong insight, positive team player and decision-making skills can go for an opportunity to become a CS.

  • HIGHER JOB SATISFACTION: Many people do not feel content with their job and they have many complaints such as salary, profile and growth, but with CS profile, these all doubts go invisible. They handle a more authoritative position which provides prospects and space for ideas. The perks that a CS gets a higher management position quite early in the career. So, they as well obtain recognition in a positive and healthy environment.

  • FLEXI-TIME: CS has flexible working hours. With other jobs, it is hard to balance work and life, but it is not the same scenario with a career in CS. They can maintain a balance between personal and professional life. So, in a real sense, they adore life and manage their precious time for family and professional life equally.

  • BUILDS APPROACHES: They mostly deal with higher authorities. There is much to learn from higher authorities as they have a better experience in the field. With the engagement of solemn management, their growth is certain with the company.


Scope of Company Secretary is marvellous in India as well as abroad. It is becoming very broad with the growth in the corporate world. You can obtain highly paid positions in both sectors i.e. private and public like various banks and financial institutions, , stock exchanges, company law boards, the Department of Company Affairs and government departments.


  • Upholding and checking the legal requirements of governing documents, company law etc.

  • Excellent communication and correspondence.

  • Maintaining effective records time to time.

  • Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and to minute meetings.


  1. Bank Mandiri Pereso

  2. HL Suthar and Associates

  3. Flexilis Pvt Ltd

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