Common qualities of IIT JEE Rank Holders

IIT-JEE: Overview

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) are the public autonomous institutions for higher education in India. IITs are ranked the top colleges for engineering. To get admission in IIT, NIT, IIIT and others, aspirants have to appear for an entrance exam called IIT Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE). It has two stages:

1. JEE Mains Exam

2. JEE Advance Exam

In this world of competition, the IIT aspirants often think “how to crack the IIT-JEE” and often look up to All India Rank (AIR) holders, but to start with have you ever thought what qualities those rank holders build in to achieve this position? So here are few traits of these toppers that will guide you to prepare for your exams in finer way.

  • Start early with a study plan

Start your preparations beforehand by creating an effective and efficient study plan. Do a SWOT analysis for making your study plan.

  • Follow your study plan

Just creating a plan and not carrying it out is useless. Make sure you stick to your plan and develop a proper routine.

  • Time Management and Consistency

One should always be consistent and keep a track of his/her time. Allot number of hours to study one subject and try to cover it within the given time. Make sure you devote at least 12-14 hours for your studies. One can also watch video lectures in your free time.

  • Work on topics

If you have allotted specific time for a subject then you will end up doing any topic without achieving a goal. Instead take up a specific topic and complete it in the next 2-3 hours thoroughly.

  • Do not mug

Mugging will surely help you memorize but you won’t be able to learn the concept without understanding it. So understand more and memorize less so that you can apply your concepts properly.

  • Pay attention on weak areas and work hard

Every student has a weak point in some areas, identify them and work on them. Take help if you don’t understand it. Study it, revise it and then revise it again. Hard work is the key to success, without putting any effort you will not succeed at anything. Work hard to achieve your goals.

  • Self Discipline and dedication

Discipline is the best quality for success in the long run. Dedication is not just needed in studying for long hours, but also when the aspirant is feeling low in life, it gives you strength to buckle up and start afresh.

  • Be patient and practice till you are perfect

One should solve previous year’s papers and appear for mock tests on a regular basis. This will help you understand how time works in a real examination and improve your solving speed. Also there are plenty of mock tests available online which you can access anytime, anywhere.

  • Self confidence and Self belief

As Gandhiji said- “Knowledge is power”, as the student keeps learning, his confidence increases, so always keep yourself motivated and be confident about your preparation. Never compare yourself to others as everyone is unique in their own way. Have a strong belief system which will always drive you towards your goal.

  • Take care of yourself

While studying some students indulge so much in the learning process that they end up compromising their own health. Take care of your mental and physical health. Eat well, exercise daily, stay hydrated and sleep tight.

Revision Strategies

  • Learn the standard problems and know how to apply them

  • Make a list of formulas and use it for revision

  • Solve problems on organic and inorganic chemistry

  • Start your revision around September-October in class 12th

  • Start revising with 11th standard as you just finished with the 12th

  • At the time of revision do not focus on anything new.

  • Make use of notes and flashcards regularly

Remember, success is defined as the coup of pushing boundaries. While solidarities may take one to the border, it is the action of innovation that takes you further. Competition in exams is becoming harder day by day and it becomes increasingly important for you to focus more in sharpening your concepts and save time in finding and planning your preparation.

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