CFA VS FRM: A complete guide

People often get confused whether to choose FRM or CFA. The thing between FRM and CFA is both are courses in finance. The major difference between them is CFA covers a broad range of topics in finance like corporate finance, portfolio management, accounting, fixed income, and derivatives. On the other hand, FRM is specialized in risk management.


It is a chartered financial planner. Mostly required by the investment bankers. People who are interested in investing banking can pursue a course like CFA which is the best option for them right now.

Career prospects and role of CFA:

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Fund Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Financial advisers

  • Private bankers

  • Consultant

  • Research Analysts

  • Accountants

  • Chief Executives

  • Auditors

  • Hedge fund Research

  • Investment Banking

  • Investment Management

  • Relationship Manager

Eligibility Criteria for CFA Program:

  • A bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program

  • Four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related)

  • A combination of professional work experience and education that totals at least four years (part time experience not counted)

About FRM:

FRM is a globally recognized course designed by GARP [Global Association of Risk Professional] which sets global standards for financial risk. Finance is itself a huge field involving investments, credit, debit, insurance etc. We should know that the money we invested is risk free or has less or more risk. Financial risk management is the process of understanding and managing the financial risks that your business might be facing either now or in the future.

Eligibility for FRM:

No minimum eligibility requirements to appear for the FRM exam. However, in order to be certified as a Financial Risk Manager, the following are required:

  • A passing score on the FRM Examination.

  • Active Fellow membership in the Global Association of Risk Professionals

Career Prospects in FRM:

  • Analytics Client Consultant – Risk Management Analytics.

  • Risk Management Analytics Consultant.

  • Risk Manager, Personal Banking.

  • Corporate Risk – Managing Director – COO & Risk Officer for Global Asset Liability Management.

  • Risk Quantification Manager.

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