CFA: A beginner's guide

The Chartered Finance Analyst Program is a postgraduate program offered by the CFA Institute. The whole CFA program includes 3 levels which one needs to pass sequentially. The CFA course is regarded as the world’s most respected and recognized designation in investment management.These exams are conducted in test centers across the World.

Eligibility Criteria:

Have a bachelor's degree; or Final year undergraduate of a bachelor's program; or have a combination of college degree and full time work experience of totals 4 years.

CFA Course Duration:

We have to give a series of sequential exams Level I, Level II, and Level III. The minimum duration to clear all three exams takes approximately 2 years.

Study area:

Economics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, finance, Ethics, Equities, Quantitative Methods, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alternative, Portfolio Management.

Exam Format:

  1. Level 1: Multiple choice questions.

  2. Level 2: Item set questions (multiple choice). Level 3: Item set and constructed response questions.

Level I

  • Focuses on basic knowledge economics, ethics quantitative analysis,Financial reporting analysis, equity investment, corporate finance and simple analysis using investment tools.

  • Format: Multiple choice Questions: Total 240 equally weighted questions

  • First Session: 120 questions Second Session: 120 questions.

Level II

  • Highlights the application of investment concept and tools with a focus on the valuation of all types of assets.

  • Format: Item set Questions:

  • Total 20 item sets.

  • First Session: 10 item sets Second Session: 10 item sets.

Level III

  • Focuses on synthesizing all of the concepts and analytical methods during a sort of applications for effective portfolio management and wealth planning.

  • Format: Essay and item sets

  • First session: Constructed response essay questions usually between 8 and 12 questions, each with several parts with a maximum of 180 points. Second session: 10 item set questions.


The fees for every level of the CFA exams from CFA Institute are: Early registration fee: $700 USD Standard registration fee: $1,000 USD Late

Registration fee: $1,450 USD.

Career after CFA:

A CFA charterholder at entry level can earn an annual salary of 4 lakh. Your salary will increase as you grow. With seven to eight years during this field, your average salary can increase to 12 lakh. You can earn over 19 lakh with quite 10 years of experience under your belt.

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