Career options in the field of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is shaping our future and technology is growing rapidly in our day to day lives. With Machine Learning, computer's can now learn through historical data and their past experiences. A bit like humans, we will more train a machine to discover patterns and make appropriate decisions. The capabilities of a machine are increasing with development in technologies.

Machine learning technology is being widely utilised in industries like healthcare, finance, and retail among others. Even the folk are using this technology, consciously or unconsciously, in their daily lifestyle. The demand for this technology is continuously growing within the present industry and therefore the demand for qualified machine learning professionals is additionally rising at almost the equivalent pace.

Machine learning is one among the most well liked careers during this era, which you'll pursue. Here we will able to tell you what you would like to review so as to start out your career in Machine learning.

Students can prefer to enter any of the subsequent career avenues:

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Big Data Architecture

  • Big Data Science

  • Research Engineering

  • IoT

  • Software Engineering

  • Robotics

  • Machine Learning Architecture

  • AI Engineering

  • Research Engineering

Mathematical concepts - Machine learning is heavily hooked into mathematics and statistics calculations. If you are from a mathematical background you almost certainly know these concepts

  • Linear regression

  • Probability

  • Statistics

  • Operational research

Practical Side of things –

Learning programming languages like Python, R, Java, C/C++, learning to figure with Big Data and various database technologies, learning concepts and techniques of visualization and data wrangling, predictive modelling and validation. This data can only be gained with hands-on experience on these technologies and languages. Only reading won’t help here.

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