Beginners guide to ACCA course

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the leading platform for people aspiring to become qualified professional Accountants. ACCA is a certification that is globally recognized.

Whether you’re at a starting point or ahead in your career, this course will provide you with knowledge that will open gates for many opportunities.

“Choosing a career that allows you to promote to higher posts in India as well as other countries is an intelligent thing to do”.

ACCA professionals are not just accountants who deal with numbers but help in providing suggestions relating to key financial decisions.

The information provided below will give you a detailed understanding about ACCA Qualification:

Why choose ACCA?

Choosing ACCA provides one with interesting roles and rewarding returns. The flexibility it offers in terms of learning, exam sessions and to specialize in a specific area is excellent. The best part is you can study ACCA and get a degree at the same time.


  • Completed !8 years of age

  • Qualified 10+2 exam with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics/ Accounts and English

  • Minimum of 50% in other subjects

  • Obtain a total of 3 years of work experience in a finance or accounting related role, or roles to become a member.


It would take about 2-3 years to complete the course with exams conducted quarterly.

Fee Structure:

  • Registration Fee: £79

  • Annual Subscription Fee: £112

  • Re-registration Fee: £79

Exam Fees ranges between £106- £299 and is subject to change depending on the month. The tuition fees will depend on the institute you choose to pursue ACCA from.

To know the exact and updated fees per subject, please visit the official website for ACCA.

ACCA Syllabus:

ACCA consists of 13 papers divided into two levels:

Level 1- Fundamental level:

Applied Knowledge includes 3 papers:

  • F1- AB (Accounting in Business)

  • F2- MA (Management Accounting)

  • F3- FA (Financial Accounting)

Applied Skills includes 6 papers:

  • F4- LW (Corporate & Business Law)

  • F5- PM (Performance Management)

  • F6- TX (Taxation)

  • F7- FR (Financial Reporting)

  • F8- AA (Audit & Assurance)

  • F9- FM (Financial Management)

Level 2- Strategic Professional level

Strategic Professional (Essential) includes 2 papers:

  • P1+P3- SBL (Strategic Business Leadership)

  • P2- CR (Corporate Reporting)

Strategic Professional (Options) Choose any 2 from 4

  • P4- AFM (Advanced Financial Management)

  • P5- APM (Advanced Performance Management)

  • P6- ATX (Advanced Taxation)

  • P7- AAA (Advanced Audit & Assurance)

You can give a maximum of 4 papers in a six month period and a maximum of 8 papers in a 12 month period helping you to complete the course in 2 years. The papers can be given in any order, but the most common approach is to study one module at a time.

Scope Of ACCA in India

Top companies are seeking individuals for various job roles like Accounts Assistant, Audit Assistant, Management Consultant, Tax Advisor, Investment Analyst, Banks And Insurance Manager, etc.

If you like to be an entrepreneur, you can set up your own firm as well.

Top Institutes providing ACCA

  • National Institute of Management (Mumbai)

  • Zell Education (Mumbai)

  • IMS Proschool (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai)

  • EduPristine (Mumbai)

  • FinTram (Delhi)

There are various colleges that provide ACCA course simultaneously with BCOM making it convenient for students.

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