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Career choice is one of the most important decisions in everyone’s life. However, choosing the right career as per your interest and skills is vexed and tricky sometimes. So, if you’re inclined towards legal policies and practices you must pursue - CS programme. If it interests you considerably then you can find Company secretary as a prime career that can pave an excellent way for you to lead a successful life. Please go through this detailed guide to get a clear insight if you still wonder whether you are passionate about CS programmes.


A “Company Secretary” as stated as per the Company Secretaries Act, is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Evidently, to gain the membership in ICSI, you have to complete the 3-level CS course provided by the institute. A certified Company Secretary is hired to handle all the corporate legal aspects of a firm. They are experts in corporate governance and play a significant role in legal management. Not only this, but also, they will be proficient to perform secretarial audits for the company.


Company Secretary (CS) career is one such demanding profession which is inevitable and the world is seeking to pursue and will continue to. The existing diligent companies and the upcoming ones are finding CSs to meet the corporate policies and practices so that they are financially and legally acceptable. The expected salary of a Fresher company secretary can be between 25,000 and 40,000. Experienced CS can earn anywhere up to 14 lakhs per annum if they work for larger public limited companies.

As company secretary is a high position in an organization, mainly as a compliance officer, he receives various benefits in his job and also gets enormous job opportunities.


  • Capital Market and Investor Relations

  • Corporate Advisory Services

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures

  • Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance

  • Project Planning



  • Foundation Programme (10+2 pass or equivalent)

  • Executive Programme (Graduation)

  • Professional Programme (Executive Programme)


Listed below is the CS Course Fee Structure

Foundation Programme:

  • Admission Fee- Rs. 1200

  • Tuition Fee- Rs. 2400

  • Total Fees for Foundation Programme- Rs.3600

Executive Programme:

  • Registration Fee- Rs. 1500

  • Foundation Examination Exemption Fee- Rs. 500

  • Tuition Fee- Rs. 5000

  • Total Fees for Executive Programme- Rs. 7000

Professional Programme:

  • Registration Fee- Rs. 1500

  • Exemption from Foundation Examination Fee- Rs. 500

  • Exemption from the Executive Programme Examination Fee- Rs. 500

  • Tuition Fee- is Rs. 9500

  • Total Fees for Professional Programme- Rs.12000

Given below is the Examination Form Fee:

  • Foundation Programme- Rs. 875

  • Executive Programme Per Module- Rs. 900

  • Professional Programme Per Module- Rs. 750


  • Foundation Programme: 8 months

  • Executive Programme: 9 months

  • Professional Programme: 10 months

Hence, it is a grand total 3 year professional certified course.


Every student will have to undergo 15 months of Management Training in various companies that the Institute sponsors. Nevertheless, this can be done only after passing the Executive or Professional Program or under the guidance of a Company Secretary in Practice. After successful completion of the professional exam and training, a candidate acquires admission as an Associate Member of the ICSI.


There are four core subjects in total in the Company Secretary Foundation Program.

  • Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

  • Fundamental of Accounting and Auditing

  • Business Management Ethics and Communication

  • Business Economics

Two core modules in CS Executive Program:

  • Module 1 - Company Law; Economic and Commercial Laws; Tax Laws and Practice; Cost and Management Accounting

  • Module 2 - Company Accounts and Auditing Practices; Industrial, Labor and General Laws; Capital Markets and Securities Laws

Three Modules in CS Professional Program:

  • Module 1- Advanced Company Law and Practice; Corporate Restructuring, Valuation, and Insolvency; Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management, and Due Diligence.

  • Module 2- Information Technology and Systems Audit; Ethics, Governance, and Sustainability; Financial, Treasury and Forex Management.

  • Module 3- Advanced Tax Laws; Drafting, Pleading and Appearances.

  • Electives- Banking Law and Practice; Insurance Law and Practice; Intellectual Property Rights – Law and Practice; International Business-Laws and Practices; ; Capital, Commodity and Money Market.


Scope of Company Secretary is marvellous in India as well as abroad. It is becoming very broad with the growth in the corporate world. You can obtain highly paid positions in both sectors i.e. private and public like various banks and financial institutions, stock exchanges, company law boards, the Department of Company Affairs and government departments.


Upholding and checking the legal requirements of governing documents, company law etc.

Excellent communication and correspondence.

Maintaining effective records and administration, time to time.

Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and to minute meetings.


  • Effective communication skill

  • Multitasking

  • Attention to detail

  • Planning skill

  • Strong administrative skill

  • Aptitude for using IT software

  • Analytical, flexible and practical approach


  1. Bank Mandiri Pereso

  2. HL Suthar and Associates

  3. Flexilis Pvt Ltd

Credit Fair lets you choose wisely because ‘Choosing wisely has an impact on what you want to have!' And only you have the right to choose for yourself, legally. CS is the utmost and witty decision and companies will keep recruiting them. Make sure you choose the best career. If you liked this blog, please share it and comment below.

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