What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an evolving field. With every business-be, it big, medium, or small is taking the online
route to reach out to the customers with their product and services. The booming demand for digital
marketing has witnessed a heavy demand for digital marketers. The field of digital marketing involves
reaching out to people through online channels such as PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media, and other

Skills required to excel in digital marketing

  • Time management: This is an important skill to possess, as you will have to do many tasks in a day. Right from checking leads, planning content, launching campaigns, analyzing the campaigns, your day-to-day tasks will include a plethora of things you will have to do. This skill helps you meet tight deadlines, attend meetings and do other important tasks accordingly.

  • Communication: To be successful in this field, having good communication skills is of utmost importance. You should have good verbal as well as written communication skills as you will be handling a team, will have to communicate with agencies, PR managers, and others.

  • Technical skills: You should be a pro at using various software, equipment, and online platforms to be able to manage your daily tasks single-handedly.

How to become a digital marketer?

The typical path of becoming a digital marketer involves the below steps:


  • Pursue your education: No matter what degree course you are pursuing, it is important you finish it as most companies employ professionals with a minimum of bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you are interested in marketing, then pursuing BBA, BMM, MBA would be a good choice.

  • Get an internship: While in college or in your break time, you can gain practical experience by interning for a marketing agency of any company.

  • Get certified: Depending on your work experience and knowledge, you can choose to do a certification course in digital marketing or you can choose to specialize in one area i.e. SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC or email marketing.

  • Be a part of industry events: If you get a chance to attend industry events, seminars an webinars conducted by experts in the field, don’t miss out on it as it can also help you connect with like-minded people and increase your chances of getting a job.

  • Stay updated: The key to excelling in any field is to stay updated. You can stay updated by reading online blogs, articles, books, newsletters, podcasts and watching videos.

  • Prepare your resume and start applying: Create your resume mentioning your skills, certification, internship experience (if any) and start applying in companies and industries you are interested to work in.

Who can learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the latest trend that every business is adapting to increase brand awareness and gain
new customers. The demand for digital marketing professionals is high in every industry and company
size. Looking at the importance of digital marketing today every individual is taking up a digital marketing
course as it helps him/her gain an upper edge in the fast-paced digital world.

Digital marketing course can be pursued by the following individuals

  • Students: Students who have a keen interest in marketing, strategy building, and product management should take up digital marketing course, as it will help them develop the required skill set they need to start their professional journey. Students from any educational background can pursue digital marketing.

  • Working professionals: Digital marketing can help any working professional gain an extra edge and enhance their skills which will directly help in getting better job prospects and salary package.

  • Business owner: Every business owner is looking to promote their business online through various digital marketing channels like email, SEO, PPC and others. So instead of hiring a professional, business owner can himself handle the digital campaigns of the business.

  • People who want to earn extra income: Digital marketing course can be pursued by anyone who is looking to earn from the comfort of home. The course can be pursued online and one always has the option to work as a consultant or freelancer from home. If one manages to get clients, then he can also look to start his own digital marketing agency.

Career options in digital marketing

The field of digital marketing will leave anyone spoilt for choice as it offers you a plethora of job roles that
you can take up. Here are few career options you can choose to pursue in the field of digital marketing


  • Digital marketing manager: You will be responsible for managing the overall digital marketing presence of the company. You will be handing budgets and planning digital campaigns on various channels. As a digital marketing manager, you will be required to have good knowledge of PPC, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, content writing and email marketing.

  • Search engine optimization: You will be responsible for ensuring that the website and its keywords rank high in search engines. Your job role will also include generating more organic traffic and getting quality leads.

  • Social Media Manager: You will be responsible for building a strong social presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will be handling paid campaigns on social media and also handle customer queries, create engaging content and build a strategy that helps in gaining more organic followers.

  • Email marketing specialist: You will be responsible for creating email-marketing campaigns that will be sent out to the customers at various stages of their journey. You will also have to ensure that you get maximum lead conversion through email campaigns.

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